The Best Bread Makers for 2018 – Top 10 Reviews

Bread makers cut the time and effort required to make a traditional loaf of bread, giving amateurs the ability to create their custom creations. First introduced in the 1980s, the models you can buy today will not only bake but will mix and knead as well, making it a mainstay tool in many kitchens throughout the U.K.

There are many features and characteristics should look for when purchasing the best bread maker. Even though current models have a slew of features, informing yourself as to how it works will help simplify the process of selecting a new appliance for your kitchen. Reading our reviews will definitely help so make sure you continue until the end.

Top 10 Best Bread Makers Comparison Table

Product NameGluten Free SettingPre-set ProgrammesJam ModeOur RatingPrice

Panasonic SD-2511B



Morphy Richards 48280



Panasonic SD-2501 WXC



Andrew James



Panasonic SD-2500 WXC



Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC






Morphy Richards 48324



Kenwood BM260






What Is a Bread Maker?

A breadmaker is a home appliance that allows you to cook up different breads and pastries. Traditionally, it uses a pan or a metal tin mounted onto an oven, with many different types of metals used to ensure the correct amount of heat.

A control panel manages temperature, the timer, and the optimal settings for various kinds of baked rolls. Depending on the model you choose, the process of making whole-grain, white, and mixes for pizza and other baked goods can be simplified.

These machines will typically take several hours to make bread, with it turning the ingredients into dough with the help of a metal paddle. Some will have a removable paddle. Once it’s done, the bread pan is extracted, cooled, and then served.

Parts and Features of a Bread Maker

  1. The kneading blade. The kneading blade mixes ingredients and also helps knead the mixture perfectly. Batter and dough that isn’t kneaded enough will not rise properly, resulting in flat bread with a very dense texture. The kneading blade removes the guesswork of potentially under-kneading or over-kneading.
  2. The bread pan. The pan will typically come in different shapes. Choosing which one to buy will depend on personal tastes and how you want your food to come out.
  3. Teflon imparts a nonstick surface, allowing your finished bun to slide out easily. However, high temperatures may potentially compromise the Teflon coating. This may be a factor should know, especially if your recipes require high temperatures for an extended period. Teflon is heat-resistant up to 260 degrees Celsius.

For ease of mind, it is best to invest in a breadmaker that has all the accessories that you will need, including measuring spoons, measuring cups, and a raisin and nut dispenser. Nuts and raisins should be added at the right time. Too early and the raisins will sink into the mix – too late, and the surface has solidified, causing the raisins to slide off and collect on the sides. An automatic raisin and nut dispenser will add the extras just at the right time.

Bread Maker Versus Store-Bought Bread

Homemade bread is convenient and affordable. Not only these machines convenient, but they can help save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Convenience. White bread tends to be the least expensive loaf, but also the least nutritious. Healthier options like sprouted grain bread and fermented sourdough can run up a couple of pounds for a roll, even more if you want a gluten-free variety. A maker can help you save a significant amount of money in the long run.
  • Custom made bread. This machine will mix, knead, and bake a fluffy bun as long as you use the correct amount of ingredients. The yeast base needs to be separated from the liquid, especially if you are using a delayed cycle, where the bread won’t be ready until the next day.

Breadmakers allow you to bake food aligned with dietary requirements. Maybe you or anyone else in your home has a gluten allergy or are looking to reduce the amount of sugar that you eat on a regular basis.

What to Consider When Buying a Bread Maker

When you go out to buy a bread making machine, there are certain practicalities that you should examine, like the size, how much you eat, how it will fit into the aesthetic of your kitchen, as well as the shape of the finished loaf.

If you do not eat a lot of pastries regularly, then it is recommended that you pick up a model that has a smaller footprint. For example, one pound of loaf yields about eight slices. If you are feeding a large family, then invest in a model that can accommodate a larger quantity.

A timer is essential especially if you’re making something special. A delayed timer lets you select when it should start running, making it convenient. For example, you can mix everything into the pan at night, and set the delayed timer to begin cooking later in the morning. When you wake up, you will have a freshly baked bun.

Preset, programmable options. A modern model doesn’t just make white bread. It gives you a slew of programmable options allowing you to control the colour of the crust and how tall you want it.

Features of the Best Bread Maker

A quality bread maker will ensure consistent performance regardless of the type of food that is making, with an instructional manual that will familiarise you with the many settings. The manual should include start-up directions, information on the cleaning and care of your appliance, as well as contact information for warranty or exchanges. The best ones come with a complementary recipe book.

Regardless of the advanced features, don’t forget that it is important that your bread making machine can do a basic cycle as well as a dough cycle.

Top 10 Bread Maker Reviews

These are our picks for the best bread maker – they are a combination of features, innovation, and affordability. Also, many of our recommendations have very high customer satisfaction, with a following to back up the product.

1. Panasonic SD-2511B

This model is designed to not only knead and bake but also help you make scones and jams. With it being compatible with wet and dry components like cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives to enhance the flavour of your baked goods, it goes beyond the basic functions.

A heat sensor adjusts the temperature in the pan according to the ambient temperature in your kitchen, allowing for a consistent rise in the mixture. This is a programmable machine, allowing you to create up to 17 types of baked goods with a simple click.


  • Jam and Compote Mode allows you to create your homemade jams, this also comes with a booklet with eight jam and six compote recipes.
  • Gluten-free programme – for those with a gluten allergy, you will be glad to find that it comes with a gluten-free programme.


There have been stories of lacklustre customer support. If you have any issues, then make sure that any incidents are documented and that you have a live manufacturer warranty.

2. Morphy Richards 48280

Ideal for larger families, this machine allows you to make a two pounder in under an hour. 12 settings and 13 programmable timers allow you to create different types of bread from different doughs.

Don’t worry about burning yourself – this Morphy Richards model is designed to prevent the sides from getting hot, with it staying cool to the touch during the process. This comes with everything that you need to start baking on day one – including measuring cups, spoons, and an instructional booklet.


  • Compact size. It doesn’t take much room in your kitchen or workspace.
  • Replacement pans. Many of the manufacturers do not offer replacement pans – Morphy Richards does.
  • It doesn’t use a fan, allowing it to run in relative silence – which is good if you plan on setting it to cook in the middle of the night.


The paddle used to knead may get stuck in thicker loaves. You might find that adding a bit more of water can alleviate any issues with the kneading paddle getting stuck.

3. Panasonic SD-2501 WXC

This Panasonic model will ensure that ingredients are evenly distributed, with its paddle dispensing and mixing everything for a good, soft, feathery bread.

A raisin and nut dispenser personalises your loaf with chopped dried fruits, raisin, nuts, and cereals. The crust pad lets you configure temperatures to make the crust a light, medium, or dark hue. Several programmes will let you make perfect French bread, rye, and brioche the first time.

  • Pizza dough programme. This option is perfect for those who do not want to knead a pizza crust endlessly. The programme allows you to create homemade pizza dough in just 45 minutes.
  • Several programmes to accommodate popular recipes with the click of a button, with custom menus for custom rolls.
  • You have the option to control how much sugar and salt you use on your food, a significant advantage over store-bought bread.


The paddle makes noise during the mixing process, but only in the first 40 minutes. The rest of the process is relatively silent.

4. Andrew James AJ000365

This product will knead every mix, dough, and ingredient that you throw at it. A 900-gram setting and 12 functions make this premium model a powerful yet intuitive kitchen tool to use.

If you are a fan of waking up to a warm loaf, then you will be glad to find that this model has a 13-hour delay timer. There’s also a 60-minute keep-warm feature that will gently warm up the bread.


  • The automatic dispenser allows you to add extra flavours like nuts and raisins at the optimal time of the baking process.
  • The two-year warranty is automatic – you don’t have to register.
  • If you live somewhere in the U.K with intermittent electricity, then you will find that this model is ideal since it’s memory capability allows it to kick in if the supply of power is interrupted.


The Andrew James AJ000365 is designed to feed several people at once. Its size and highly customisable settings may be a bit daunting for a single individual.

5. Panasonic SD-2500 WXC

This product has a dedicated gluten free programme, recommended for those who are suffering from celiac disease. In the U.K alone, one in 100 people suffers from celiac disease, with abdominal pain, fatigue, and irritability associated with gluten consumption.

Instead of removing gluten completely from your diet, have the option of enjoying delicious, safe breads with this model’s with Gluten Free programme.


  • Speciality mode allows you to insert different grains and flours that typically are difficult to rise.
  • You have the ability to select how dark you want your crust, as well as its size. No more guessing how long you should be baking your creations.
  • Rapid-bake feature allows you to create delicious buns in less than two hours.


Teflon surfaces may disintegrate over time. However, this is only a cause of concern for old units regularly subjected to high temperatures.

6. Panasonic SD-ZB2502BXC

This one’s excellent for those who just want to put everything into the pan, select one of its several programmes, and allow it to bake.

A yeast and nut dispenser will automatically drop the preferred amount of ingredient at the optimum time, ensuring the best outcome every time. You don’t need to buy extra accessories, since it comes with measuring cups, measuring spoons, plus a recipe book.


  • Like many of the products from this brand, this one does not disappoint, with a dedicated gluten free programme and a jam mode. The instructional booklet comes with eight jam recipes.
  • It’s whisper quiet. A delay timer lets you set it 13 hours before you want it to start.


The brushed aluminium exterior is prone to denting.

7. Lakeland 16147

This is small, compact, and can accommodate one pound of dough, making it perfect for smaller families. With more than eight programmable settings, you can create crusty, warm breads with a click of a button.

It has a viewing window for easy monitoring. But close monitoring is not necessary, especially with its delay timer that leaves it to make delicious loaves of bread when you wake up in the morning.


  • The Lakeland dough option creates quick-bread that doesn’t require rising.
  • Once finished, it will beep ten times, in case you missed the first beep. A definite plus for those who require an additional reminder.
  • The instructional booklet that comes in the box gives you a recipe for each programmable setting, allowing you to become familiar with the machine.


Many users are reporting that their loaves are overcooked even when they follow basic recipes that come in the box.

8. Morphy Richards 48324

This product is a baker’s dream, with 19 programmes for cakes, desserts, jams, loaves, and rolls. If you don’t like waiting, then a 70-minute fast-bake programme will allow for that. For those who want to wake up with bread at the ready, the 12-hour delay timer will allow you to throw everything into the pan and wake up with finished food.

The 600-watt system and five-speed motor will effectively knead the mixture into perfection, dispersing all the components evenly. Even though its many programmes can be a bit daunting, the controls are straightforward and displayed clearly, with some even skipping the instructional booklet altogether with just how intuitive this model really is.


  • This maker comes with a feature that is sometimes overlooked ñ a fold-down paddle, allowing you to extract your loaves easily.
  • The kneading paddle collapses after it is done. No more gaping holes in the bottom of your loaf.
  • An interior light allows you to observe while removing the temptation of opening up the lid.


Be careful with the sides, especially if it’s been running for an extended period. It can get hot.

9. Kenwood BM260

The is good for those who don’t require all the latest technologies, with an “optimum” option that will bake a loaf within 85 minutes. A “premium” option will only take a little over three hours to cook. An additional 11 cooking settings allow you to come up with creations of a varying colours and textures.


  • You’ll be happy to know that it is very forgiving. If you forgot to insert a dash of salt or sugar, you could pour that in during the kneading cycle without interrupting the process.
  • It comes with all the accessories that you expect from Kenwood, including instructions, a recipe book, and measuring cup plus spoons.


  • There have been reports that this can get particularly noisy during the kneading process.
  • Sometimes it will beep in the middle the process, with no display as to what is happening or why it is beeping. However, the loaves still come out fine.

10. Cuisinart CBK250U

This one uses convection technology to circulate hot air during the process, ensuring that the loaf comes out with a perfect crust and fluffy inside. The option of creating small and large loaves with 12 preset programmes give you the opportunity to create all types of popular bread including your custom creations.

An automatic nut and seed dispenser place the right amount of ingredients at the right time. A one-hour keep-warm function will keep your bread at the optimum temperature until you’re ready to eat it. No worries of spills potentially damaging your appliance; its concealed heating element lets you clean it easily.


  • The kneading pad stays on the base of the pan instead of coming with the bread once done.
  • Its programmes are customisable, allowing you to control the sequence of kneading, rising, and baking. It’s recommended for novices and experienced bakers alike.
  • It has a transparent window allowing you to watch. Even though this may not be a significant feature, it is still in appreciated touch by Cuisinart.


The fruit and nut dispenser may be a bit too small for certain recipes.

Bread Makers In a Nutshell

The best bread maker is one that combines style, function and affordability. For families who want the latest in bread making technologies, then the Morphy Richards 48324  may be the best model to buy. It has almost 20 customisable programmes, and it is a large enough for big families. Its drop-down blade and view window give it a familiar look while giving you the ease of mind of an advanced 600-watt system that will handle the thickest of doughs.

If you want a more affordable option or if this is your first time to buy one, then the Lakeland model is small but powerful enough. Even though small, it does not skimp on some of the more advanced features, like a delay start timer. But if that isn’t your choice, there are others you can choose from in our bread maker reviews.

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